To delay the peak of excitement will help funds with anesthetic. One of them – lidocaine spray for men. It will help to prolong sexual intercourse, if the potency is all right, but the whole thing is in early ejaculation.


    Action spray Lidocaine (Lidocaine)

    Many are familiar with lidocaine from childhood in the dental office. This is a drug that can «freeze a tooth.» Solution with 10% lidocaine what is lunestra hydrochloride. With its analgesic effect, the spray is used for various medical procedures as a local anesthetic.

    1. Lidocaine acts on the nerve endings. Reduces their sensitivity by blocking the conduction of nerve impulses.
    2. The action of the agent lasts 30–40 minutes, in individuals with hypersensitivity in trace manifestations up to 4 hours.

    Spray effectively reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis, its action begins after a minute with a tingling sensation, and then a slight numbness occurs.

    Regular use of the spray can be addictive.

    When is the application appropriate?

    The tool is shown to healthy men with normal potency and premature ejaculation to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and prolong sexual intercourse. The reasons for early ejaculation can be several:

    • the head of the penis has a heightened sensitivity, just starting sexual intercourse, the man reaches the peak of arousal. This phenomenon may pass in the future;
    • the young man is inexperienced, with a mobile psyche. Can not control ejaculation;
    • genetic predisposition to early ejaculation;
    • after a long period of abstinence.

    It happens with ejaculation, everything is fine, but the partner does not have enough time to get an orgasm and she wants to prolong the sexual intercourse longer.

    When the potency is weak, no spray will help. After the «freezing» and loss of sensitivity of the penis will only get worse. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

    How to use the spray to reduce the sensitivity 

    10% lidocaine solution will begin to act in 2-5 minutes.

    Using the tool is easy, but it is necessary to study the instructions and follow the rules:

    • when using a specific brand for the first time, it is necessary to check the allergic reaction in advance by spraying on the elbow bend.
    • before applying the preparation, the penis should be thoroughly washed and dried (preferably without soap, so that there is no reaction to the detergent), so the spray will act better;
    • apply to the excited member from a distance of 10-15 cm from all sides of the head, without directing the stream into the urethra. Do no more than three presses of the sprayer, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions, DO NOT INSERT;
    • wait until the spray dries (about half an hour) or wash off the remnants with water after 10 minutes, when a slight numbness of the penis begins, so that the substance does not fall into the vagina;
    • just put a condom on top.

    Methods of application, dose 

    There are two ways to use the tool.

    1. Spray applied directly to the skin of the head of the penis before sexual intercourse. Wait until it is completely dry or rinse off the residue thoroughly with water.
    2. Another way is to splash the agent into the condom, then there is no need to wait for anything – lidocaine will not get into the partner’s vagina.

     head instructions reviews advantages

    There are condoms on prolongation, with an anesthetic already applied to the inner surface.

    One dose of spraying (“zilch”) contains 4.8 mg. lidocaine hydrochloride. The maximum daily dose of sprays 40mg / 70 kg. body mass.

    The recommended dose for prolonging sex is three sprays, “pshika.”

     head instructions reviews advantages

    All products with lidocaine, including ampoules, creams are sold without a prescription at any pharmacy. You can buy in specialized sex shops.


    Lidocaine is a drug, contraindications to receive are indicated in the instructions:

    1. Individual intolerance, allergies, hypersensitivity to the components.
    2. Damage to the skin of the penis.
    3. Pregnancy partner or planning pregnancy, breastfeeding.
    4. With care: a serious pathology of the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys, epilepsy, myasthenia.

    Drug interactions, rules of use

    • do not combine with drugs containing iodine;
    • with gel, soap and other detergents containing anionic surfactants (sulfates);
    • with antidepressants a synergistic effect.

    Side effects

    The application of a small amount of the drug, prolonging sexual intercourse, is considered quite safe. However, with an overdose and an increased sensitivity to anesthetics, the following may occur:

    • allergy;
    • dizziness, headache, visual disturbances;
    • depressed state;
    • violation of cardiac rhythm, increased Kamagra 24 blood pressure, tremor;
    • burning sensation at the time of spray application, replaced by numbness after a couple of minutes

    Spray Lidocaine from different manufacturers:

    • Pharmstandard (Russia),
    • Biogen (Russia). Contains additional chlorhexidine for the prevention of infections
    • Aegis (Hungary).

    What to replace

    Lidocaine based products:

    1. Harmony Control (Russia, Poland).
    2. STUD 5000 (India).
    4. Pjur Prolong (Germany), contains lidocaine 20%.
    5. Super Dragon Delay Spray (China), contains 11% lidocaine and substances such as PDE-5 inhibitors.
    6. PEINEILI Men Spray (China), lidocaine 9.3.
    7. God Oil India, lidocaine 12.2%.
    8. Scorol Men Spray (US), lidocaine 12.8%.

    Sprays with a similar effect, but different composition

    1. Pjur (Germany), from natural components, is made from the extract of the Ginkgo Biloba plant, the active ingredient is tannic acid, it also greatly reduces the sensitivity of the penis. Effect up to 2 hours.
    2. Love spray marafon (clove extract) Russian production,
    3. Rhino (Ginkgo biloba), Austria.
    4. HOT Delay (eucalyptus, mint), Austria
    5. Louis 16, Switzerland, contains herbal extracts.

    All men have different reactions to herbal remedies, some do not see the result at all, others are ambien over the counter satisfied with the natural composition of the prolongators.
     head instructions reviews advantages

    Means similar action in another form of release

    Many prolongators in the form of creams, gels, lubricants containing lidocaine or benzocaine, there is also a vegetable-based.

    Condoms prolongators, in contrast to conventional contraceptives, already contain anesthetic. It should be distributed evenly on the head of the penis when wearing. Often used:

    • “Hussar Prolongers”,
    • Contex long love,
    • Durex performa,
    • Ganzo long love.

    Opinion of doctors

    Most doctors believe that sustanon 250 any local sprays act individually and should be tried. It is important not to exceed the recommended dose and not to abuse the frequent use of funds.

    Regular use of Lidocaine spray results in addiction and reduced effectiveness.

    If an erection in a man is very strong, and even apply a spray with a high concentration of lidocaine – 20%, you can “freeze” the penis so that there will be no pleasure from intimacy and ejaculation will not occur at all.

     Men about the drug

    To summarize: the advantages and disadvantages

    Lidocaine sprays have several advantages:

    • fast, almost instant action;
    • a significant increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, according to men 1.5-4 times;
    • ease of use, act locally;
    • It is inexpensively sold in ordinary pharmacies without prescriptions;
    • safety – side effects are rare, there is no toxic effect in usual doses.

    The disadvantages of Lidocaine spray include a decrease in the sensation of sensation due to numbness of the head of the penis and addiction to the tool with frequent and regular use.